01 November, 2010

Selah moments – a pause from reality

Today I’m leaving this place where the sea meets the sky and the warm waves hit the shore. I’ve got only one for day in this country where time seems to stand still, this country that has left a mark on me in so many ways.

It’s only been two weeks, but it feels so much longer. I think the women and children I’ve met here will be with me forever. They’ve taught me what Christianity really is about. These women with barely anything themselves, who are also sick like so many others around them, makes a stand and decides to do what they can to help the orphans and widows around them. How can we, their sisters in a country with almost everything, not stretch out our hand and help them the best we can?

Sometimes we need a selah-moment, a pause from our everyday life, a pause from our reality; to see the reality of others around us. But then it’s time to go back to my own reality, where I can really do something to make a difference for others.

Sometimes we need a pause from our own reality to be able to change it.