28 June, 2010

Daughter of a King

I know not everyone has been blessed to grow up with a father that truly loves them, and felt the love and the care of a father who wants the very best for you. I know I’m truly blessed. I know beyond doubt that my father loves me, that he would do whatever he could to help me. He’s the one who has taught me how to change the tires on my car, so that if I have to do so, I’ll be able to fix it, but still, every time it’s time to change them, he offers to do so for me. If I come to him and ask for ideas of how to fix something, he won’t only show me how, but he’ll most likely fix it for me. I know that if I’m in trouble, even if I’m the one causing it, and I go to him, he’ll go out of his way to try to help me. I know that if I’m hurt, my dad is in pain and would want to do whatever he could to fix it. But my dad is only human, there’s only so much he can do.

But God, the King, my Dad, loves me way beyond what anyone else is capable of. He wants only the best for me. And he’s always there. When I was on the other side of the planet, my dad couldn’t help me with everything, but my heavenly Father is always only a breath away. And if my earthly dad would go out of his way to help me fix my problems, how much more, wouldn’t my heavenly Dad?!? If I chose to go to Him with my problems, even if I’m the one making the mess, He will help me get through it. Yes, He might push me to do or say some things that might be hard for me to do, but I can trust that He will be there with me when I do so. If I trust in Him, instead of in myself, He will give me the wisdom to handle it, to go through it, and to come out stronger.

So, no matter what your earthly father is like, remember, you’re the daughter (or the son..) of a King, and He loves you so, so much. And He will help you through whatever it is you have to face, if only you’ll let Him… So walk tall and trust that your Dad, the King, is there with you!!